Using circus skills- including stilt walking, juggling, clowning, balancing and partner acrobatics- participants young and old learn options for facing challenges and growing through the experiences. We foster healthy relationships with ourselves and others through thoughtful play.


We are professional teachers and performers in British Columbia.


We love what we do and we want to share it with you. Performing and teaching play to adults and children alike, we would love to bring our bag of tricks to your shindig. We run camps and clinics using circus as a setting to navigate through our stories of limitations and promote personal discovery for people of all ages. Through interactive performance we turn even adults into children, engaging play and magic with our roving stilt walking. We have something for every setting and occasion.


“Not only did they lead programs that were professional, fun and well attended, but also animated the festival with their exciting stilt walking and circus frivolity.”

- Julie Fowler (ArtsWells Festival)


Our circus and acro camps are a real hit! These can take many forms from single classes or a workshop series, to a weekly camp. Families and individuals of all ages have been having fun while growing and discovering their potential through our creative teaching methodology which embeds empowered self talk options into the experience of moving through challenges. Children and adults overcome their stories of limitation as we play our way to new heights and families are supported to find new ways to bond as they support one another in adjusting the framework through which they relate to their experience.



Roving stilt walking, juggling, clowning, fire play

Juggling, stilt walking, clowning, slack line, balancing, acrobatic, movement

Design, Alterations, manufacture


Kinshira Fire Troupe, Enthrall Performers Collective

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