our ears are burning

Great lively entertainment and VERY PROFESSIONAL!

-       Andy Foster (General Manager - Baldy Mountain Resort)


We spoke with Bryce about Inspire Circus helping out with our Haunted House walkthrough where we collect donations for different charities in Penticton and he was happy to help out. They were FANTASTIC TO WORK WITH, were very professional and got along with all of our volunteers. We were sad to only have them for one night and hope that we can have them back next year!! All of the guests loved them as well.

-       Lisa Laflamme


I invited Inspire Circus to lead circus arts programs for kids as part of the ArtsWells Festival last summer. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM for your event. Not only did they lead programs that were professional, fun and well attended, but also animated the festival with their exciting stilt walking and circus frivolity.

-       Julie Fowler (ArtsWells Festival)


I taught a workshop at a part of an Inspire Circus Workshop series. They were great at engaging with the local community and GETTING PEOPLE OUT to try Acro Yoga. They are very encouraging and passionate about getting local teachers together to offer fantastic workshops.

-       Aiden Lamb (Enthrall Performers Collective)


Awesome group! They brought fire dancing, juggling and a roving indoor entertainer to our Wine Carnival event at Baldy and it really added a major level of carnival atmosphere to the event. We had lots of great reviews on the guys! Would HAPPILY HIRE THEM AGAIN for future events!

-       Andrew Zwicker (Marketing - Baldy Mountain Resort)


I first became aware of Inspire Circus at the Arts Wells Festival in July 2018. I noticed a lovely, vivacious group with their slack line and other equipment having what seemed to be a fabulous time playing! I watched over the weekend as they interacted with people of all ages: there were children and adults all being treated with the same spirit of encouragement and joyful spirit. I approached them with the idea of coming to join us at Roots & Blues Festival in Salmon Arm and found them to be open, delightfully FRIENDLY AND ACCOMMODATING with a short time to arrange schedules. Subsequently, they graced our festival as well with their exuberance. They had slack lines, stilt-walking and other activities that were enjoyed by everyone involved. They are so obviously excited about their passion of sharing joyful play with others and I highly recommend them as a vibrant addition to your event!

-       Elaine Holmes (Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Festival)

Bryce is so accommodating and relaxed, it was a joy to have him as part of my event planning process. When costumes weren’t going to make it in from the US in time, he calmly went through other costume options for the stilt walking trio at our themed Gala, and it all worked out! They KNEW EXACTLY WHAT TO DO and worked with the crowd to entertain them all. Will definitely hire Inspire again!!

-       Melina Di Fabrizio Moran (Sapphire and Pearl Events)

Gymnastics classes are not something I thought I’d be trying at 33 years old, with a kid in tow. But as soon as I stepped into class, I KNEW I WAS IN THE RIGHT PLACE and SO glad I had taken the risk!
Bryce creates a truly safe space for beings of all ages to let down their guard and play. He facilitated an environment where I could learn to trust my body again, and held space for us so that we could address mental blocks when they arose. He teaches with compassion, empathy, and a kick-ass sense of humour. He is helping break the cycle of toxic masculinity, and it’s so healing... the class was a great mix of respectful men and women that I was comfortable having authentic conversations and connections with. 
I am so grateful I found my way to his classes, they have not only helped me remember how to play (and how important that is!), but have changed my view of myself and are helping me become a better mom and a better human... who can do handstands! 
Thank you Bryce!

-Erin Lowe(adult gymnastics student)